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Professional Lawn Mowing

Using our commercial grade mowers we will cut and stripe your lawn, trim around all edges and borders and blow-off all hard surfaces such as driveways and walkways. We leave your lawn looking neat, free of visible clippings and striped to provide a clean finished look. With our large fleet of mowers we have the right size to accommodate your property; no property is too big or too small.

Mulch – Decorative Stone – Edging

Give your landscape new life with fresh mulch or decorative stone. Mulch is available in a variety of colors including Black, Brown, Natural and Red and accents your property with a rich look. For the best look, it is recommended to top-dress mulch every 1-2 years. With a variety of sizes and colors Decorative Stone is an elegant; low maintenance choice for your property. Edging is done with either of these services to create a distinguished line between your lawn and landscape. The two most popular types of edging are a Natural Shoveled Edge and a Commercial Grade Plastic Edging. This is a must to prevent encroaching weeds and grass into your landscape. These services are a great way to boost your curb appeal and provide a neatly manicured look.

Shrub Trimming & Pruning

Maintaining your shrubs regularly is key to providing a beautiful look. It is recommended to have shrubs trimmed and pruned between 2-4 times a year depending on varieties and growing conditions. This allows shrubs to stay healthy and protects from snow damage allowing shrubs to look full and neatly manicured year-round.

Lawn Install/Repair

Our experts will meet with you and discuss the best seed and recommendations for your area and conditions. Whether you’re looking for a completely new lawn or have certain problem areas fixed in your existing lawn, our team will make sure your lawn is green and full.

Pressure Washing

Have us clean your deck, walkway or house to remove dirt, mold, mildew and pollen.

Spring/Fall Clean-Ups

We clean your turf and landscaped areas of leaves, sticks and other debris. Have us also clean your gutters at this time to insure proper flow and less risk of water damage.


Whether it be a complete design and install or a renovation of an existing landscape, we have you covered. We work with you to find the right plants and shrubs to fit your taste and lifestyle.

Lawn Aeration/Overseeding

Aerating will allow water, air and fertilizer to penetrate all the way down to the root zone of the lawn. This in turn allows the roots to grow deeper, creating a more healthy and thicker lawn. It will also greatly reduce the chances of having thatch buildup and soil compaction. After aerating is the best time to overseed and fertilize the lawn because of the optimal environment for seed to soil contact.


We can create a new garden for you or rototill your existing area and add compost to enrich the soil.


For plowing service in N. Syracuse, Cicero, Clay, Liverpool, Brewerton and Galeville – Please contact Our winter partner Randy Cramer Snow & Lawn Inc. 315-676-4442. For all other areas or for Roof Shoveling and Ice Removal please contact us by phone or via email. Don’t see a service you’re looking for? Call us to see if we’re able to accommodate your needs.